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It's Time to Change Your Mop & Broom
Remove Dirt and Stains from Wood & Tile in a Single Motion
with the H2O X5™Lite
Whatever the surface, the H2O X5 ™Lite will steam it up to clean it up! 

For any firm floor, the H2O X5 ™ Lite with steam at a temperature of 100 ° loosens and removes dirt. On the same pass, the super absorbent micro fiber accessory lifts dirt and holds it - and so sweeps, mops and polishes your floor at the same time! 

The Popular Steam Cleaner with Steam Regulator

Designed to Deep Clean and Help Disinfect Any Hard Surface Without Using Harmful Chemicals

1. Floor Cleaner
It works on any type of floor! For a shiny varnished wood floor without scratches. Use the vaporizer on tile, cement, ceramic and much more!

Deep cleaning for most floor types. Get great results in marble, ceramic, carpet, stone, laminate, varnished wood. *

2. Hand Held Steamer 
It cleans even hard-to-reach places. It comes with the drive nozzle!
Lightweight and Agile Cleaning for the Whole House!
  • Lightweight & Easy - weights less than 5 pounds (2.5 kg)
  • Eliminates More than 99% of Bacteria with chemical-free cleaning
  • Easy to operate with a single touch to modify the variable steam setting
  • The triangular head allows agile cleaning in and around hard to reach places
  • Save money - replace all cleaning products

Everyone Loves the H2O X5™ Lite

"I love this machine! I had not realized how much dirt was left with the conventional mop." - Deserea 

 "I thought my bathroom was clean! The X5 Lite proved I was wrong! Now my whole house is bright thanks to this fantastic steam cleaner!" - Michelle 

"I love it, cleanliness is now faster, easier and cheaper in the long term, since it is not necessary to buy cleaning fluids FANTASTIC!" - Andrew

"It's the best thing I've ever bought, it does everything exactly as it says it does, I also use it to steam clean my pets' cages so there's no need to use potentially toxic chemicals to clean them." - Karen
"I love this product, I can not believe some of the things that it is eliminating, I have been able to get rid of all the aggressive chemicals that were in my house, for a person with allergies, this is a wonderful product and now I do not have to shout at the children who move away from the floor, because I know it's safe, I'm never going to use those aggressive chemicals again. " - Melissa

"I loved this product so much when using it in our house, that I bought the X5 Lite for our staff, and used it in our two hostels for backpackers, not only does it do an excellent job in our buildings, but it also reduces the costs of using it. cleaning products In a nutshell, we love ourselves - and our customers! - Caroline

"This article revolutionized the way I cleaned my house! Everything is so easy and soft now. I use the H2O X5 ™ Lite for almost everything. Thank you very much! " - Lisa 

My God, I did not even know there are even more essential accessories for the H2O X5™ Lite! I have to get them all! Complete my Mop set! " - Brian

"I love the H2O X5 Lite, it works perfectly with no effort whatsoever, it gets to all the dusty and dirty places that I normally could not clean, it smells amazing and gives me complete peace of mind that my house is clean and that the floors are safe so that my baby plays, the best product that has ever been made! " - Kristy
Lightweight. Quick. Powerful.
Completely Chemical Free!
The Popular Steam Cleaner!
Just 3 payments of $39.95
($119.85 total)
+ $14.95 P&H